AI Related Services

AI Related Services

AI Related Services

What TBM can do for you

Our programme of strategy, operations, ethics, data, health checking, community integrating services is combined with our up to date domain and sector knowledge.

To realize value from AI, you need innovative strategy and combination of data, insight and talent capabilities at all levels including the inception level. 

This process can occur in five multidisciplinary domains:

  1. Law
  2. Ethics
  3. Governance
  4. Data Science
  5. Business Models

Our Consulting team is ready to help you fully realise business benefits from AI adoption and data ethics.

First, we’ll challenge and help your team learn the value and risks, consistently defining the capabilities needed for your project or business to adopt and launch AI. Then we’ll work with you to incorporate the strategy, policies and processes that will deliver growth and innovate the way you think and compete in the Data & AI space.

Consulting and data audit

  • Use cases
  • Strategy & implementation
  • Data quality audit
  • AI viability
  • AI strategy
  • GDPR testing
  • Ethics governance counselling
  • Stakeholder mapping


  • User adoption
  • Continuous improvement

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